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On a day like today, February 12 of 1809, one of the most amazing presidents of the United States of America, our beloved country was born. We are talking about no other than Abraham Lincoln, to commemorate his birthday we have dedicated today’s blog and T-shirt designs. 

Lawyer and American politician who was the sixteenth president of the United States (1861-1865). Always evoked as the president who abolished slavery, Abraham Lincoln is one of the most admired figures in American history; the honesty, the strength of spirit and the depth of his thought and convictions, evident in his writings and speeches, stand out among the virtues of a statesman whose performance was not without hesitation.

Unfortunately, when Lincoln assumed the presidency, a national crisis that had lain since the beginning of the century was coming to an end: the confrontation between the dynamic and modern industrial societies of the northern states, which rejected slavery, and the aristocracy of the southern landowners, owner of immense plantations that employed millions of slaves, and saw in the suppression of slavery the end of their way of life.

Although Lincoln was among the most moderate of the abolitionists, his election unleashed the separation of the southern states, and not even his conciliatory mood or the vigor of his eloquence could avoid the bloody war of Secession (1861-1865), which he faced. to the newly created Southern Confederation with the Union of the northern states. After two militarily adverse years, Lincoln led the Union to victory; abolished slavery, restored the unity of the nation and decisively guided the country towards industrial capitalism, laying the foundations that would make it a great political and economic power.

lincoln shirts

Sadly a night of theater, the life of this excellent president was finished by one of his greatest opponents and enemies, the actor John Booth, whom believed Lincoln wanted to become the God  and forever ruler of the country. When he entered the box, the president was leaning forward. He held his wife's hand in his and presented his left profile to the executor. This one advanced stealthily wielding a Derringer, a small-sized pistol with a single shot. He held it to Lincoln's head and fired. A blue smoke filled the box. The president barely moved: only his head rested slowly against his chest.

Booth brandished a dagger so no one would stop him and exclaimed: "Sic semper tyrannis!" (So death always comes to tyrants), words put in the mouth of Brutus at the time of stabbing Cesar, who are also the currency of the state of Virginia. Then he rushed to the railing, shouted again: "The South has been avenged!" And fell heavily into the stalls, breaking his leg. However, he managed to get up and limped away. Mary screamed and an extraordinary agitation ensued. Lincoln died the next day shortly after seven in the morning, the time at which he usually began to work.

lincoln shirts





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