Proposal Shirts

There are many ways to ask for the hand of your partner, but all of them depend on the tastes that she or he has. Always think about what you may like so that the moment is even more special.

If you do it with all your love, you can not imagine how nice everything is going to end. But, let's leave everything to your imagination and while we give you some examples that may work for you to ask your partner's hand.


10 creative and original ideas of asking for marriage.


Love enters through the stomach: asking for marriage at mealtime with food is one of the best known forms. But stop doing it inside the typical glass of wine or champagne. Here are some ideas of using foods in your favor to ask your girlfriend to marry you


For book lovers: If you are looking for an original way to ask for a marriage and your partner loves to read, use a book to do so. Find the favorite part of your partner, or the phrase you like the most and as a separator place the ring. If you want more ideas check the images, yes, do what your partner may like. The detail is perfect.


Take advantage of natural spaces: For snow, sand and even sowing, take advantage of everything that nature gives you and send a message to your partner to ask for a marriage, it is an incredible way and if you have to do a lot of ganitas to make it look unique and original.


Ask your pet for help: Pets are part of the family and there is nothing better than including them in the marriage proposal. You can put the ring on the necklace or ask for help with the ring box or the marriage sign. It's a very nice way to include your best friend.


Last but not least, the best idea of all! Go on a camping trip or something that needs to involve clothes, and give her one of our T-shirts, custom printed just for the occasion you need! or how about you give each one of your friends a Shirts House shirts, printed with letters, that form the actual question? 

proposal shirts