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Last week, the world lost one of the greatest voices, one of the most amazing song writers and singers of rock and music of all time. Since July 20th - 2017,  fans all over the world have been shocked and grieving the passing of this amazing human being, who sang the anthems of a generation and generations to come, with songs such as In the End, What I’ve Done, Numb, Heavy amongst many others. 

Today we take the time to remember and honor, this extraordinary singer, who stole our hearts with strong beats and deep lyrics, being part of one of the most iconic Rock bands in the world, Linkin Park. As many fellow artist have shared, his absence has left a hole not only in music, but inside the hearts of every person that ever heard one of his songs.

Chester was well known for his talents as a singer and songwriter being the frontman for the rock band Linkin Park. He was also the lead singer for Dead by Sunrise and fronted Stone Temple Pilots.  HIs incredible success started with Linkin Park in 2000, with their debut album Hybrid Theory, which later received the recognition of  being considered to be the best-selling debut album of the decade, certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America

Chester co-wrote, wrote, produced and sang thousands of songs, that invaded millions of hearts around the globe. His voice will be missed forever, as a tribute and remembering Chester - Linkin Park, we wanted to create a top 12 of the songs that filled our hearts with sentiment everytime we heard Chester's voice. 

  1. In The End - Hybrid Theory    

  2. Papercut - Hybird Theory

  3. Casttle of Glass - Living Things  linkin park

 4. Somewhere I Belong - Meteora 

  5. Bleed It Out - Minutes To MIdnight 

  6. Breaking The Habit - Meteora 

  7. Heavy - One More Light

  8. The Catalyst - Living Things

  9.  What I've Done- Minutes to Midnight 

10.  Burn It Down - Living Things.

11. Numb - Meteora

12. Rolling In The Deep - Adele (cover by Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda)

And tons and tons of songs that just scaped this list, but are just as important.  Here are 2 Spotify playlists also to remember this amazing singer and his stunning band. 

- This is Linkin Park by Spotify 

- Linkin Park official page on Spotify 

In loving memory of this great artist and as a tribute to the legacy he left in our lives, we have created some unique t-shirt designs to remember his voice, his songs and the band he gave his love and dedication to

Chester Bennington Shirt

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