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Singers, come and go… Some of their songs stay in our hearts, but their memory quickly fades away, as music doesn’t seem to be as good or as appealing as it was before, some artists are just not very close to our hearts and they leave without us even noticing. But there are others, singers who just capture our hearts and our minds forever, that we even miss while they take a break or disappear from the media for a while, those artist we long for to come back with songs take make our ears feel as if they were in heaven, artist who keep surprising us comeback after comeback, with interesting songs, eye-catching videos and of course a little bit of gossip or drama, that give our lives that little spice we were looking for. This is exactly what happens with these wonderful young girl, who has taken over our ears and eyes over the past few days, with her new single “Look What You Made Me Do”, YES! We are talking of no other than the incredibly talented Taylor Swift!.

We’ve been waiting for a long while, for this amazing song writer and singer, to come back to the music scene, and just a week ago, Taylor released the bomb. She will be coming back with a whole new album, which will be up for sale on November the 3rd called “Reputation” and has already given us a sneak pick of how amazing this album will be, with two amazing songs, Ready For it?” and “Look What You Made Me Do”, the last one featured on a story telling video, including the usual shade for ex-boyfriends, foes, streaming companies and almost everyone Taylor Swift hates on this earth, including her old selfs. 

Taylor Swift Reputation shirt

As our loyal readers know, we love artist, music and singers, who feel our lives with happiness and sounds that become very catchy, to listen while you are working, studying and even partying. To celebrate Taylor’s Swift upcoming album and her knew songs, we have dedicated today’s blog and Shirts designs, to this talented young girl who has taken over the world with her music.  

Since her debut, Taylor has gathered a big amount of fans, who adore her to death and whom keep track of her life, music and everything surrounding Taylor. Her success goes beyond words and just to show a little bit of her power, we can see who overwhelmed the world is by her music, that just two weeks after her new song’s release, the video already has over 331 million views, and took over the number one spot on the Billboard charts, which had been taken by Despacito of Luis Fonsi, for 16 weeks in a row, but just with a glimpse of her eyes, Taylor took the crown and broke Despacito undisputed record. 

Just to remind you of some of Taylor Swift’s outstanding songs and of her undoubtable success, we have created a little list for you to enjoy, even tho we already know, you probably have learned all of them by heart and don’t need to be reminded of them. 

Taylor swift Look what you made me do

If you want to have more information about Taylor’s music and hear more of her songs, remember to head on over to Spotify and listens some of these playlist the have prepared for you to listen to this artist, who has gone back to streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify, after a long time of having disputed against them. 

Swift’s video for “Look What You Made Me Do”, has a combination of this new Taylor, that goes through stages of  furious, vengeful, yet at the same time not being bothered by anything/ Old Taylor Swift is dead! Or so the message was in the video premiered at one of the pop landscape’s most lauded evenings! Swift appears from the grave, dressed as a zombie, in a three minute video jam-packed laboriously with references to how badly the world has treated her. No frame, no millisecond wasted. The symbolism is so bold one would need to be dead oneself not to pick up on it.

Swift lampoons her celebrity girl squad, her fake “Oh I’ve won an award” face, her label as a “snake”. But just to make it clear, all new Taylor Swift is totally rising above all this tittle-tattle about Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West or Calvin Harris. 

Taylor Swfit Look what you made me do shirts

Taylor keeps creating great music, whether it is to take all the poison out from a tortuous relationship, living after a bad boyfriend, having to deal with harsh comments about her love life or her life in general, dealing with hate from even fellow artist or to even to hear herself apart to put herself back together once more. We keep expecting tons of stories and more fantastic music from this girl who doesn’t stop to amaze us.  We’ll be on the lookout of the release of her new album, which will probably inspire tons of youngsters out there and tons of more T-shirts!




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